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Roanoke County Mattress Moving

What do Mattress Moving Trucks and Movers have in common? Well, for starters, they’re both extremely helpful in moving your mattress. But they’re also quite different, so let’s see what each has to offer.

A mattress bag is just one that really stands up to its name. It’s usually a heavy-duty vinyl padded bag with straps to securely hang on top of your mattress. When this is your first encounter with the term “moving bag,” you must know that mattress bags are often designed to accommodate not just all mattresses; however, even twin, full, queen and king size mattresses can fit into them.

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They’re packed with everything needed to move your mattresses, including: pillows, sheets and blankets, straps and hardware. But there’s more. Mattresses in truck beds or moving vans are enclosed with sheets and blankets and possibly a bed sheet too. This way you won’t be disturbed when unpacking your new house, or when unpacking your new mattress. Mattresses protected by moving truck beds or vans are ready to go as soon as you arrive at your new destination.

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Movers have the benefit of not only packing your mattress