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Rocky Mount Safe Movers

There s a right way to transport a gun safe in order to minimize the chance of injury and damage. The process takes some special equipment and expertise but does work well for most standard gun safe models. Always recommend to never leave the moving of large-scale gun safes to the pros, but only if you feel you really need to do it on your own, be sure to carefully move your gun safe in accordance with the instructions outlined below. The safe must be propped up, either on a concrete or wooden foundation, in an upright position. Make sure it is actually upright and not leaning over.

Gun Safe Moving Tips: The guns must be completely empty before beginning the move. Guns should be loaded once the safe is opened, and after guns are moved, checked to ensure they are still in proper working order. This is especially true when loading large guns.

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Guns can be lifted fairly easily, using site protection as the support. To avoid using site protection, guns should be propped on legs, using brackets or heavy objects to hold them upright. Guns should also be stored on flat surface away from stairs, which increases the likelihood that they will fall while being moved. Guns can be moved using stairs, but using a flat surface to prop the safe up will increase the odds of the safe falling. Never use