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Rocky Mount Mattress Moving

Usually, the first item to be thought about when relocating is mattress moving, then the heavy bed has to be dismantled, neatly wrapped, and put carefully in a large moving truck. But moving your mattress to your new house does not have to be stress-free and time-taking. Here, read on how to move a mattress easily and quickly to your new house. Before getting started, remember to call your insurance company to confirm that you are covered. This is because some mattress types are not covered by standard insurance companies.

A good moving company will prepare your mattress for you, so you won’t have to worry about uninstalling anything or disturbing the previous occupants of your old place. Mattresses have to be put in a completely enclosed vehicle that has a flatbed and dolly, which is operated by two experienced movers. Some movers have up to four beds and they can accommodate mattresses and other goods up to a staggering three stories high. There are many companies that have specialized in mattress moving services, so it pays to shop around for one with friendly, informative staff.

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The old mattress should be lifted from its baseboards, usually at the back of the property, and wrapped tightly with plasti