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Piano moving might conjure up thoughts of big strong men with huge torsos and powerful arms, but in reality only two people of average physical build are capable of doing most piano moving tasks even if they’ve got a bit of an accent, a few tools, a strong back, and the knowledge of when and where to use a bit of force. If you’re considering moving your piano to a new home, there are several ways in which you can minimize your risks. And whether you move it yourself or hire local piano movers, there are some things you should remember to make sure that you don’t damage the instrument in any way. Here’s how to move a piano.

One of the major dangers involved in moving an upright piano is the sheer weight of the instrument. If you’re not particularly experienced at piano moving, or haven’t been trained to move an upright piano, you could find yourself completely lose as the mass of the instrument tips the balance of your vehicle and sends you careening off the side of the road. This is why you should only choose local, professional piano mover services for long-distance moves. Upright pianos are relatively light, but they still require a lot of sturdy work to move. It might be easier to move one upright piano by yourself, but you should never attempt to move more than one upright at a time, especially if you have a long distance to go. If you