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Troutville Couch Moving

Do you know how to move a couch successfully? That is, unless you are moving it by yourself. You see, moving a couch on your own can be a very difficult (and potentially dangerous) endeavor. Here’s some information that might help…

If you are moving a couch, there are two main categories of movers out there – those who have moved equipment and those who don’t. Based on the shortage of moving equipment and professional technique, assuming that the people in the above video weren’t experts, think of the people in the first video as fairly inexperienced couch moving technicians. Despite their lack of expertise, this poor innocent sofa did not need to perish like an ignominous death. As long as they followed the guidelines discussed in this article, this sofa would have made it through most any moving disaster.

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The most important part of any successful couch moving job is to have the right tools. Unless you are moving a full-sized, solid-wood sofa, there is no need for heavy equipment. A common sense approach is also appropriate here – do not try to do any excess weight that you are not able to lift. This will just create more problems for the m