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Moving Gun Safes: An Introduction A gun safe is a valuable piece of your valuables and should be treated as such. Moving a gun safe correctly is crucial to ensuring it will be safely transported to your new home or location. In fact, it’s smart to have a licensed moving company handle your move for added protection and peace of mind. There s a correct way to move a gun safe, however, to lessen the risk and damage to your valuables. The process involves some special equipment and expertise but will work perfectly well for all gun safe-related moves.

Always recommend that you leave the moving of oversized gun safes and others, like antique furniture, to the pros, but only if you are confident of your ability to do the job yourself. You can never be too sure of what you’re doing, especially when it involves moving and dolly sets. If you’re not confident, it might be prudent to hire a professional mover from a moving company. Licensed, bonded and insured movers will know what they’re doing and won’t wreck your prized possessions. You’ll be glad you hired someone instead.

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The first of the gun safe moving tips is to prepare for the move as soon as possible. Don’t try to do the move on your own when you aren’t prepared. Your gun safe needs to be strong and sturdy, and it needs to be able to wit