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Local movers offer convenience, security and reliability when moving your belongings. They are available to help with any kind of moving project no matter the size or type. Local movers can help you with the whole process from packing and loading to unpacking and taking the items to your new location. They are convenient, but are they really reliable?

Local movers will charge an average rate of about fifty cents per hour for their services. The average transport company charges about seventy-five cents for an hour’s work. Therefore, local moving companies will cost you about fifty cents for every hour of work. The bigger the moving company or more moving assistants employed, the more their average hourly rate will be.

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Is a Local Movers Company Better Than A Bigger One? Bigger companies can afford to charge more because they are not local and don’t know your business like a local mover does. They have access to more resources such as skilled workers and warehouses that can help with the move. However, these resources do not come cheap. Moving costs for a big relocation can easily exceed six figures!

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Are Local Movers Any Good At Office Relocation? Yes! If your home is a small city or in a rural area, office relocation isn’t always necessary. Even in large cities there are usually smaller reloc