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A piano is one of the largest and most complicated musical instruments to move. It takes some special equipment to move an upright piano across state lines or even international borders. Moving a piano can be very time consuming if you don’t have professional movers by your side. If you are considering doing the move on your own, here are some useful tips to help you with how to move a piano.

A piano moving skid board (or skid board), is simply the safe, solid base for any piano move. They usually are equipped with the right divots so as to securely secure your padded straps over the piano during the move across state lines or even international borders. Piano skid boards can be very pricey when you’re attempting to do the move on your own.

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Make sure that your piano skid board is at least six feet tall and has two sides. Two sides are more than enough if you plan on not having a professional move the instrument by yourself. Some professional movers recommend using non-skid pads under the piano legs. This makes it safer but can be a bit more tricky when doing the move on your own. The permanent straps are much better because they will go under the instrument regardless if it moves or not.

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