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My senior mother has been doing senior moving and packing for the last ten years. She has made dozens of moves, both from town to town and state to state, and has seen every type of moving company. I was thrilled to use a local mover who did an excellent job keeping my mom in one piece and keeping her stuff organized and safe throughout the move. The move was much smoother than many she has been through. This is what I learned from my mother.

Keep an open mind when making choices about moving and packing. Rely, on your gut instinct when evaluating movers and companies. Do you feel more comfortable letting them pack and move your belongings, or will you be better served by hiring a full-service moving company? Rely on your family and friends for referrals. Ask people you trust about their experience with a particular moving company. Use the Internet to find consumer reports on moving companies, such as Consumer Reports, Moving Consumer Report, and Mover & Packers, to find out what your neighbors are saying about the company you are thinking of using.

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Be realistic about how much space you will need to pack and load. A typical senior moving and packing procedure takes anywhere from two to four hours, depending on the distance moved and the number of moves involved. Make s