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Vinton Couch Moving

When your house is ready for moving, you may need to consider some of the more basic elements involved in moving a couch. It’s not a big deal if your sofa isn’t big enough or heavy enough to fit through the front door. It’s when you have to move a couch through a tight space that the real danger comes in.

If you are wondering how to move a couch through an apartment or condo door, start by setting up shop right outside the entrance door. Your new furniture should be sitting in the open. Get the measurements of the area where you will set up shop so you can get the appropriate tools and equipment to move the couch the correct distance. The closer you can get to the wall, the easier it will be to push the sofa out without causing any damage. At least a solid base for the couch will help protect it from knocks and that’s always a good idea for any kind of moving.

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Another consideration is whether or not the furniture will fit through the doorway. This is really a question of common sense and not a problem for most people. If you are worried about space, look for moving tips online or ask a moving company for some advice. They will likely advise you to use a dolly rather than a couch. A dolly can go under and behind a door while sliding to the other side and it is a very convenient way to move a couch around.

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