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How much does it cost to use the services of Labor Movers? Labor Movers provide a wide range of moving services. These moving services include Shipment to Commercial and Residential Locations, Relocating to Mobile Homes, Unloading and Loading heavy equipment, Cleaning and Painting Commercial and Residential Cleaning and Mobile Homes and more. The cost of each service varies depending on the type of service provided and the size of the job. In addition, there are some moving companies that have additional options for added moving convenience, like allowing movers to pick up and drop off vehicles at the customer’s location.

I am moving into a new home. What should I look for when hiring labor movers? Hiring a moving company with extensive moving experience can save you time and hassle. Many moving companies are licensed with the Virginia Department of Licensing and Employment Licensing and follow all state regulations. This helps ensure your belongings will be shipped responsibly, safely and on time.

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Are you moving out of town? In case you are, ask a moving company about their packing help. Packing assistance may include using cardboard boxes or bubble wraps for the storage of fragile items, moving supplies to the new home, removal of non-removable personal items and wrapping and securing fragile belongings. The packing help is usually included with the moving service.