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Westlake Corner Furniture Delivery

What is the cheapest way to deliver furniture? Shipping furniture using a van is probably the least expensive way to deliver your prized possessions around the nation. Unlike many other furniture delivery options, Roadie pads to the curb-side of vehicles already on the road to deliver furniture right to the door of your home. If you have items that are too large to fit in the back of a regular car, or simply do not have a vehicle of your own to use, you might want to call ahead to see if the company offers a pickup at your location. Some furniture movers will also provide this service free of charge. However, the cost will probably be higher since the van is used for moving furniture only and not for transporting your entire household items.

Other ways to get furniture to your home are by utilizing one of several different delivery services that provide crating services. Companies like ★Star City Services★, employ highly trained staff who can pack and load your belongings to ensure that they arrive in good condition. The staff is available to help you any time you need them, and they guarantee that your pieces will arrive in excellent condition – even if that means having to drive across town to pick them up.