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Westlake Corner Junk Removal Moving

Junk removal is often a necessary element of the moving process, focusing primarily on the act of disposing off non-removable junk properly. Ideally, a standard trash pickup or local trash service will just dump your junk straight onto the ground and walk away. However, not all junk is easily removable; in fact, some stuff is too large and cluttering, or it’s dangerous and/or hazardous to get rid of by conventional means. This is where moving companies come in.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the garbage that piles up at the end of your street, then you’re not alone! Just about everything ends up in a landfill, and unfortunately, the United States has one of the highest percentages of landfills in the world. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how all that trash gets there, then you need to know that nearly two-thirds of all municipal solid waste is dumped directly into America’s oceans. Yes, that’s right, you read that right: the majority of our trash ends up in the ocean. This is because most cities and counties don’t have any sort of recycling program of an